IBIS Rice Farmers Achieve Milestone in Organic Compost Production


5th July 2024


Exciting news from IBIS Rice’s farmers in Preah Vihear province! They have achieved a significant milestone by producing over 30 metric tons of natural compost for the second year in a row. This accomplishment underscores their dedication to sustainable farming practices and conservation initiatives.

With the support of our partner Sansom Mlup Prey and funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, our organic farmers have undergone training in compost production techniques. This initiative aims to enhance their farming practices, provide enough compost for the upcoming planting season, and eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. By focusing on increasing rice yield and quality, our farmers also contribute to boosting market value.



Over a period of three months, our IBIS Rice farmers worked diligently to produce nutrient-rich compost. This compost was then distributed to 20 members across our partnered villages, benefiting not only rice fields but also secondary crops. This environmentally friendly approach fosters sustainable agricultural practices, aligning with our commitment to conservation.

Continued training and support will empower these farmers to make a lasting impact through the production of natural compost. IBIS Rice is proud of the achievements of our farmers and remains committed to encouraging sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the community.