IBIS Rice & Revolutionising Food Systems

How ‘small planet’ consumer thinking fits into big picture conservation with Chris Packham & Joe Walston

In today’s world, we find ourselves amidst an era of unprecedented environmental destruction. The relentless expansion of human activities and industries has resulted in the loss of precious ecosystems, biodiversity decline, and the looming threat of climate change. At the forefront of this crisis, industrial food production has emerged as one of the most significant drivers of environmental degradation. However, amidst these mounting pressures and challenges, an exciting possibility emerges—a potential renaissance of nature and food production. The urgent need for change presents us with an opportunity to reimagine and revolutionize our approach to both cultivation and consumption.


What can applying ‘small planet’ thinking within the broader context of conservation mean at this point in time? What potential does a local innovative model like IBIS Rice have to conserve biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and change the way we consume on a global level? We were joined by Chris Packham (renowned naturalist, TV presenter, activist and IBIS Rice Brand Ambassador) and Joe Walston (Head of Global Conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Society) to discuss these topics.